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War & Society Studies

Added September 24, 2015
Type: Monograph
The Limits of Offshore Balancing. Authored by Dr. Hal Brands.
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This monograph assesses whether “offshore balancing” represents an appropriate and desirable grand strategy for the United States. It argues that the answer is no—that the purported advantages of offshore balancing are frequently overstated, while the likely disadvantages and dangers are significant indeed.
Added September 14, 2015
Type: Letort Papers
Cyber Defense: An International View. Authored by Keir Giles, Kim Hartmann.
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Because of the seamlessly international nature of the internet, effective cybersecurity demands close cooperation with allies and friends overseas.
Added August 25, 2015
Type: Letort Papers
Using Target Audience Analysis to Aid Strategic Level Decisionmaking. Authored by Dr. Steve Tatham.
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The author evaluates how advanced social science research can be applied to latent and emergent threats globally to provide strategic policy options.
Added July 22, 2015
Type: Book
A Hard Look at Hard Power: Assessing the Defense Capabilities of Key U.S. Allies and Security Partners. Edited by Gary J. Schmitt.
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Following the end of the Cold War, less attention has been paid to America’s allies, especially their “hard power” capabilities, despite the United States and its allies going to war more frequently than before. This volume addresses that gap, providing a holistic account of allied hard power and, in turn, the ability—and, indirectly, the willingness—of those same partners to use force independently or in concert with the United States and other allies.
Added May 29, 2015
Type: Monograph
Gold, Blood, and Power: Finance and War Through the Ages. Authored by James Lacey.
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Wars are won not by the state with the biggest war chest, but by the state with the key to opening it. This survey of the link between finance and war demonstrates the crucial importance an endless stream of money is for strategic success.
Added March 12, 2015
Type: Other
The Army War College Review Vol. 1 No.1. Edited by Dr. Larry D Miller.
The Army War College Review, a refereed publication of student work, is produced under the purview of the Strategic Studies Institute and the United States Army War College. An electronic quarterly, The AWC Review connects student intellectual work with professionals invested in U.S. national security, Landpower, strategic leadership, global security studies, and the advancement of the profession of arms.