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Publications Tagged: Guerilla

Colombia's Conflicts: The Spillover Effects of a W... Cover Image
Added October 01, 2002
Colombia's Conflicts: The Spillover Effects of a Wider War. Authored by Mr. Richard Millett.
It provides a careful examination of the so-called "spillover" problems generated by Colombia's three simultaneous wars against illegal drug traffickers, insurgents, and self-appointed paramilitary groups. All seek, in one way or another, violently to change or depose the state. All use the uncontrolled "gray areas" in Colombia and its neighboring states to sustain, conduct, and replenish their nefarious operations without risk of significant interference.
The Past as Prologue: A History of U.S. Counterins... Cover Image
Added March 01, 2002
The Past as Prologue: A History of U.S. Counterinsurgency Policy in Colombia, 1958-66. Authored by Mr. Dennis M. Rempe.
The author outlines the history of U.S. counterinsurgency policy and the recommendations made by U.S. Special Survey Teams in Colombia from 1958-66. An examination of that history and the concomitant recommendations indicates that a review of that record would be in order. It provides a point of departure from which policymakers in the United States and Colombia can review where we have been, where we are, and where we need to go.
Assad and the Peace Process: The Pivotal Role of L... Cover Image
Added February 01, 1995
Assad and the Peace Process: The Pivotal Role of Lebanon. Authored by Dr. Stephen C. Pelletiere.
This study shows how the Syrian was able to improve his originally weak position in the peace talks by exploiting crisis conditions in Lebanon. Assad's major weapon against the Israelis has been the guerrilla group Hizbollah. The author claims that the fact that a small group of guerrillas could have such an enormous impact in this international drama reveals changed power relations in the strategic Middle East.