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Upcoming Publications

Publications are not listed in order of their arrival.

2012-13 KSIL Update No. 01

Maneuvering the Islamist-Secularist Divide in the Arab World. How the United States Can Preserve its Interests and Values in an Increasingly Polarized Environment

The Role of Leadership in Transitional States: The Cases of Lebanon and Israel-Palestine

Tribal Militias: An Effective Tool to Counter Al-Qaeda and Its Affiliates?

U.S. Policy and Strategy toward Afghanistan after 2014

American Grand Strategy and the Future of U.S. Landpower

Central Asia's Shrinking Connectivity Gap: Implications for U.S. Strategy

Stepping Up: Burden Sharing by NATO's Newest Members

Creating an Effective Regional Alignment Strategy for the U.S. Army

Operationalizing Threat Finance Strategies

Re-examining the Roles of Landpower in the 21st Century and Their Implications

Government Contracting Should be a Core Competence for U.S. Military Personnel

Nuclear Weapons Materials Gone Missing: What Does History Teach?

New Realities: Energy Security in the 2010s and Implicaions for the U.S. Military

Regionalizing East Mediterranean Gas: Energy Security, Stability, and the U.S. Role