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Upcoming Publications

Publications are not listed in order of their arrival.

2012-13 KSIL Update No. 01

Strategic Retrenchment and Renewal in the American Experience

Strategic Implications of the Evolving Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Implications for the United States of Turkey's New Regional Security Role

A History of the U.S. Army Officer Corps Strategy

A New Type of Great Power Relationship between the United States and China: The Military Dimension

The U.S.-India Relationship: Cross-Sector Collaboration To Promote Sustainable Development

United States-Gulf Cooperation Council Security Coopeeration in a Multipolar World

Political and Socio-Economic Change: Revolutions and Their Implications for the U.S. Military

Russia and the Caspian Sea: Projecting Power or Competing for Influence?

Distinguishing Acts of War in Cyberspace: Assessment Criteria, Policy Considerations, and Response Implications

Maneuvering the Islamist-Secularist Divide in the Arab World. How the United States Can Preserve its Interests and Values in an Increasingly Polarized Environment

Tribal Militias: An Effective Tool to Counter Al-Qaeda and Its Affiliates?

U.S. Policy and Strategy toward Afghanistan after 2014

After the Spring: Reforming Arab Armies

American Grand Strategy and the Future of U.S. Landpower