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National Security Strategy Studies

Added November 18, 2014
Type: Monograph
Tribal Militias: An Effective Tool to Counter Al-Qaida and Its Affiliates? Authored by Dr. Norman Cigar.
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Since many of the societies in which Al-Qaida, its affiliates, and offshoots operate have a significant tribal component, tribally-based militias may be a critical tool in fighting against Al-Qaida, because such militias can provide a cost-effective mechanism and serve as a force multiplier for U.S. Landpower. However, tribal militias are no panacea, but can be a two-edged sword and, like any weapon, has to be understood and wielded with caution and skill in order to avoid unintended consequences.
Added October 01, 2014
Type: Monograph
United States-Gulf Cooperation Council Security Coopeeration in a Multipolar World. Authored by Dr. Mohammed El-Katiri.
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Military and security cooperation with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states is of continuing importance for the United States given the region's pivotal location in the Middle East and proximity to Iran. This monograph examines recent developments in the political and economic dynamics in GCC countries and their neighbors, and the potential implications for this cooperation.
Added September 11, 2014
Type: Monograph
After the Spring: Reforming Arab Armies. Authored by Dr. Florence Gaub.
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The Arab Spring has returned Arab military forces and their necessity for reform to the forefront. Outside actors, such as the United States, are now asked to rethink their security assistance in broader terms, shifting toward comprehensive security sector reform. As several countries are facing large-scale security implosion, terrorism, politicization of the military and protracted instability, the time for reform was never more imminent than now.
Added August 08, 2014
Type: Book
Strategic Retrenchment and Renewal in the American Experience. Edited by Dr. Peter Feaver.
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Amid fiscal austerity and international crisis, should the United States seek to renew its global leadership, or retrench its geopolitical commitments? This volume brings historical and theoretical insights to bear on that question through a series of essays that examine the current debate as well as past episodes in which American leaders were confronted with similar choices.