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Iraq Studies

Added December 11, 2015
Type: Book
The Human Terrain System: Operationally Relevant Social Science Research in Iraq and Afghanistan. Authored by Dr. Christopher Sims.
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Investigation of the experiences and insights of social scientists that conducted research at the tactical level in Iraq and Afghanistan offers a nuanced examination of the challenges posed by those conflicts. This book explains how a military crisis catalyzed the creation of the Human Terrain System and traces its effect through interviews with former program members.
Added June 03, 2015
Type: Monograph
Iraq’s Shia Warlords and Their Militias: Political and Security Challenges and Options. Authored by Dr. Norman Cigar.
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The rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has seen a resurgence of the Shia militias in Iraq and unprecedented prominence for the warlords who lead them. Given the presence of U.S. Landpower in Iraq as part of the fight against ISIS and the close links of some of the militias with Iran, understanding the militias’ role and capabilities is key for force protection and operational security, as well as for policy concerns.