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SSI Media

You've long known the Strategic Studies Institute at the U.S. Army War College as the go-to location for issues related to national security and military strategy with emphasis on geostrategic analysis. Now we're bringing you access to SSI analyses, scholars, and guests through the SSI Media page.

SSI Live Podcast Series — Latest Episodes

Released 19 June 2015.
SSI Live 034 - Russian Engagement with Latin America — Are American interests threatened by Russian engagement with Latin American countries? How do Russian actions compare with engagement by other major extra-regional actors like China or Iran? What steps can the United States take to ensure its interests are protected? SSI Live host Dr. John R. Deni invited Dr. Evan Ellis to discuss the recently published monograph, "The New Russian Engagement with Latin America: Strategic Position, Commerce, and Dreams of the Past." Listen below or click here to download.

Released 5 June 2015.
SSI Live 033 - Will ISIS Destroy Palmyra? — Roughly two weeks ago, ISIS captured the ancient Syrian town of Palmyra, sparking concerns that the violent extremist group would destroy the antiquities there. What is the significance of Palmyra? Although the ruins evidently remain intact so far, are fears of its destruction by ISIS nonetheless warranted? And how does the political-military operation there fit into ISIS's broader plans for the region? Dr. Andy Terrill joined Dr. John R. Deni to discuss these questions and more. Listen below or click here to download.

Released 27 May 2015.
SSI Live 032 - Can Russia and the West Cooperate Again? — Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea and its unfolding invasion of Ukraine have presented the United States and its European allies with a fundamental challenge to the existing post-Cold War security order in Europe. What are the driving features of Russian strategy? How should the United States and its allies adjust strategy and policies, if at all? These were some of the questions addressed during an April 2015 war game conducted at the U.S. Army War College and summarized in the new report, "From Cooperation to Competition: The Future of U.S. Russian Relations." Two of the war game report's co-authors -- COL(RNA) Gert-Jan Kooij and LTC(P) Joe Hilbert -- sat down with Dr. John R. Deni to discuss the report, its findings, and its recommendations. Listen below or click here to download.

Episode Archive

The opinions expressed in these podcasts are those of the speakers, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Army, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.

SSI Lectures

NEW IN 2015
Many of the SSI faculty deliver relevant lectures which we are now excited to share with you with SSI Lectures

14 Januaury 2015: Economic considerations have always been an important dimension of national security, not only because domestic prosperity is in itself an important national interest, but also because the state of domestic economic health has an obvious and direct bearing on overall national power. The increasingly interdependent nature of the world economy, and the strategic consequences of this interdependence are much more significant than ever before. SSI Professor Jef Troxell provides useful context to improve your grasp of important economic issues that have a direct bearing on US national security. Two very important multilateral trade agreements are currently under negotiation between the US and her major trading regions: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and the Trans Pacific partnership. Both of these agreements are discussed within the context of US trade policy in a lecture presented in February 2014.