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SSI Media

You've long known the Strategic Studies Institute at the U.S. Army War College as the go-to location for issues related to national security and military strategy with emphasis on geostrategic analysis. Now we're bringing you access to SSI analyses, scholars, and guests through the SSI Media page.

SSI Live Podcast Series — Latest Episodes

Released 28 January 2016.
SSI Live 043 - Military Engagement and Forward Presence — Military engagement and forward-based U.S. military forces offer decision-makers effective and efficient options for achieving American national security goals. However, factors such as significant cuts to overseas permanent presence and continuing institutional bias against engagement as a force multiplier and readiness enhancer have combined to limit the perceived leverage possible through these two policy tools. Are these tools really still useful to policymakers today, and if so, how? The SSI's Dr. John R. Deni addressed how military engagement and forward presence can still be used to expand options available to any future President. Listen below or click here to download.

Released 8 January 2016.
SSI Live 042 - Increasing Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran — Last weekend, Saudi Arabia executed a leading Shiite cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, who was an outspoken critic of the Saudi government and an advocate for minority Shi'ite rights in majority Sunni Saudi Arabia. This execution sparked a violent protest at the Saudi Embassy in Iran's capital, Tehran, in which the embassy was stormed and partially burnt. Since then, tensions have only increased. Dr. John R. Deni invited his SSI colleague Dr. Andy Terrill to discuss these events, the international and domestic-level factors that led to them, and the implications for broader security in the region. Listen below or click here to download.

Released 16 December 2015.
SSI Live 041 - U.S. Strategy toward the Islamic State —Early last week, President Barack Obama delivered a rare oval office address in which he essentially reiterated the administration's strategy toward the Islamic State, which continues to avoid the commitment of major U.S. ground forces. This past Monday, following a meeting of the National Security Council at the Pentagon, President Obama said the US-led coalition is making progress against Islamic State militants in both Iraq and Syria, citing evidence of reclaimed territory and elimination of key leaders in Syria and Iraq. Most recently, Saudi Arabia announced yesterday the formation of a 34-nation Islamic military coalition to combat terrorism, which will share information and train, equip, and provide forces if necessary for the fight against Islamic State militants. Dr. John R. Deni invited his SSI colleague Dr. Andy Terrill to share insights on these and related events as the U.S. strategy against the Islamic State continues to unfold. Listen below or click here to download.

Episode Archive

The opinions expressed in these podcasts are those of the speakers, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Army, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.

SSI Lectures and Panels

Many of the SSI faculty deliver relevant discussions which we are now excited to share with you.

1 December 2015: (RIGHT CLICK here to download as some browsers are not compatible with the video player)

What are prospects for EU security strategy? Nov. 19 Discussion with Sven Biscop

17 November 2015: (RIGHT CLICK here to download as some browsers are not compatible with the video player)

Rebalancing toward diplomacy, away from defense -- implications for DoD?