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Western Europe Studies

Added May 01, 1995
Type: Book
The European Union's Common Foreign and Security Policy: Central issues . . . Key Players. Authored by Dr. Fraser Cameron, Prof. Roy Ginsberg, Mr. Josef Janning.
The role of the European Union (EU) as a key international economic player is both highly developed and widely recognized. The Union's profile as an international political actor is much more limited, even though its activities are considerable.
Added May 01, 1995
Type: Monograph
NATO Strategy in the 1990s: Reaping the Peace Dividend or the Whirlwind? Authored by Dr. William T. Johnsen.
The 1991 the Strategic Concept represents NATO's response to the dramatically changed security environment in Europe, and the intense desire to reap the resultant "peace dividend." The Strategic Concept dramatically expands the scope of the Alliance's security objectives and functions, takes NATO "out of area," and lays the foundation for massive forces cuts, as well as for a fundamental restructuring of Alliance military forces and command structures.