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Eastern Europe Studies

Added November 01, 1995
Type: Book
Deciphering the Balkan Enigma: Using History to Inform Policy. Authored by Dr. William T. Johnsen.
After having been fueled by the events of the distant and recent past, the current wars in the former Yugoslavia finally may be grinding to a halt. An understanding of that past, and of how history and myth combine to influence the present and help to define the future in the Balkans, is no less relevant today than it was two years ago when the original version of this monograph was published.
Added October 01, 1995
Type: Book
Yugoslavia's Wars: The Problem from Hell. Edited by Dr. Stephen J. Blank.
The continuing warfare in the former Yugoslavia looms as one of the most intractable problems in contemporary world politics. For four years the international community has struggled merely to contain this fire and prevent it from inflaming a general European crisis.
Added August 01, 1995
Type: Book
U.S. Policy in the Balkans: A Hobson's Choice. Authored by Dr. Stephen J. Blank, Dr. William T. Johnsen, Dr. Earl H. Tilford, Jr..
At this writing, the strategic balance may have shifted in the ongoing war in the former Yugoslavia, and the region could be on the verge of a settlement. But, the "window of opportunity" may be fleeting, and the failures and frustrations of the past four years temper any optimism that conflict in the former Yugoslavia will end quickly or completely.