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Eastern Europe Studies

Added October 01, 1994
Type: Monograph
Germany, France and NATO. Authored by Ms. Maria Alongi, Dr. Peter Schmidt.
U.S. national strategy and U.S. Army doctrine explicitly establish the overwhelming need for, and value of, coalitions and alliances in the post-cold war era. Two generations of U.S. civil officials and military officers have been inculcated with the precept of NATO's importance to security and stability in Europe. Free of the confines of the cold war, competing national interests and different national perceptions have transformed the Alliance.
Added September 01, 1994
Type: Monograph
French Policy Toward NATO: Enhanced Selectivity, Vice Rapprochement. Authored by Dr. William T. Johnsen, Dr. Thomas-Durell Young.
The authors of this report explain how French policy toward NATO has changed since 1992. Importantly, they discuss how these changes have been effected. However, certain key elements of French external policy have not changed. In effect, therefore, the authors argue that while France may wish to cooperate with NATO, this does not imply that there will be a more cooperative French attitude toward the Alliance.
Added September 01, 1994
Type: Monograph
Energy and Security in Transcaucasia. Authored by Dr. Stephen J. Blank.
One of the world's enduring regional conflicts is in Nagorno-Karabakh. This war pits local Armenians and their cousins from Armenia against Azerbaidzhan and has enmeshed Russia, Turkey and the Western allies (France, Great Britain, and the United States) in a complex series of regional relationships. The international stakes of this war involve the control over exploration for natural gas and oil and the transhipment of these commodities from Azerbaidzhan to the West. Energy resources represent Azerbaidzhan's primary means of economic modernization and are therefore vital to its economic and political freedom.
Added August 01, 1994
Type: Book
Partnership for Peace: Discerning Fact from Fiction. Authored by Dr. William T. Johnsen, Dr. Thomas-Durell Young.
The authors analyze and assess Partnership for Peace (PfP) from the perspective of the political realities which govern NATO. They counter the critics of PfP with an analysis of its exact provisions. Moreover, by drawing on the Alliance's historical record regarding expansion, they argue that PfP is the best and most realistic means available to resolve the prickly issue of NATO enlargement.
Added July 01, 1994
Type: Book
Proliferation and Nonproliferation in Ukraine: Implications for European and U.S. Security. Authored by Dr. Stephen J. Blank.
Limiting nuclear proliferation is a vital goal of U.S. security policy. With this in mind, the Strategic Studies Institute cosponsored a conference at the University of Pittsburgh on March 16-17, 1994 to deal with the issues involved in achieving this objective.