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Afghanistan Studies

Added December 27, 2007
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
Overcoming the Obstacles to Establishing a Democratic State in Afghanistan. Authored by Colonel Dennis O. Young.
The author outlines potential solutions to the problematic and challenging situation in Afghanistan today. The difficulties facing U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan are endemic and will require a long-term commitment of time, money, and resources to overcome these obstacles in order to stabilize and democratize this nation.
Added October 25, 2007
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
The Military Strategy of Global Jihad. Authored by Lieutenant Colonel Sarah E. Zabel.
Al-Qaeda has declared war on the United States and the rest of the civilized world, but how does the organization plan to win that war? The author draws on sources from within the broader global jihad movement to explain the movement’s goals and the mechanisms it proposes to enact a revolution.
Added October 22, 2007
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
Opium and Afghanistan: Reassessing U.S. Counternarcotics Strategy. Authored by Lieutenant Colonel John A. Glaze.
The author concludes that the skyrocketing opium trade in Afghanistan is threatening to destabilize the government and turn the conflict-ridden country back into a safe haven for drug traffickers and terrorists. The author also argues that the counternarcotics strategy has been ineffective in reducing opium production and needs to be modified to better help achieve stability in Afghanistan.
Added August 03, 2007
Type: Student (Carlisle) Papers
Shaping Commitment: Resolving Canada's Strategy Gap in Afghanistan and Beyond. Authored by Colonel D. Craig Hilton.
The author concludes that Canada's current efforts in Afghanistan illustrate the need for Canada to urgently reassess the manner of its national security strategy process, particularly in light of future demands.
Added March 22, 2007
Type: Monograph
U.S. Interests in Central Asia and the Challenges to Them. Authored by Dr. Stephen J. Blank.
The author assesses U.S. interests in Central Asia and the challenges to them. He recommends policies designed to meet those challenges to American policy in this increasingly more important area of the world.